Saturday, December 10, 2011

This week's links ...

1. Love this framed memories ... tickets, wristbands,  love notes collage framed.

2. Not Just Cute's handmade Christmas list.

3. Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight ... I stayed up late last night watching a bad movie on TV so not sure if I'll make it tonight, especially considering it'd raining at the moment so it's unlikely given the weather we'll see anything.

4. If you've noticed my new format for wrapping up the month and you were interested in doing your own post Julie has written a post on how she pulls together her month in numbers posts.

5. Challenging: When Christmas Gets Radical.

6. Maxabella's Marathon Running Plus Other Stuff ... asking the big questions. Have you found an answer?

7. What's on Your Christmas List.


Amy said...

The framed tickets are such a good idea, I really like that one!

I enjoy the posts at Not Just Cute, read Maxabella this week, and I thought the Radical Christmas idea was beautiful ... so is the music on her site.

Maxabella said...

Not yet, but one day?? Thank you for the link!

Loved those tickets too!!