Friday, December 2, 2011

November in Numbers

11:39 = The time of the Big Girl's 2nd grade piano exam. They always specify the time down to the minute. We were early though and she got to go in early too. So glad the stress of preparing is over ... she ended up getting a B+ which is pretty good.

2870  = the number of words in my last essay for the semester. 2Chr 35:20-27 ... it was a bit like pulling teeth ... I knew what I wanted to say but the words weren't coming ... and you have to write in full sentences with proper grammar.

4 = the number of events The Boy competed in for the house athletics. 70m sprint, shuttle relay, obstacle course and tunnel ball. All the kids do all the events. His house finished 2nd overall, but in his year they won the tunnel ball and shuttle relay.


3 = the number of times we used the pool. I didn't think we'd get to use the pool at my sister's again before we moved out.


8 = the number of years we've had the pleasure of this one's company.


2 = the number of days the Big Girl missed of school and The Boy missed of school both had colds but caught it two weeks apart.

64 = the number of boxes packed to move house. 26 are currently unpacked. My due date to complete the unpacking so the removalists can have the boxes back is 13th December.


2 = the number of boxes of fruit I've ordered through CERES. I've been waiting for ages for them to get a food host in our area and it finally happened. So far it's going well.


You can join in with your numbers over at Notes on Paper.


Julie Kirk said...

Best of luck with the unpacking!

Another great collection of numbers, your kids did so well in their various activiites too, you must be very proud.

Thanks for joining in with your Month in Numbers. I'll go and add you to the list now.

Julie :-)

Tamara said...

I really love this way of summarising your month. I might just have to give this a go I think

Nanna Kate said...

What a lovely, family orientated post! X