Saturday, December 31, 2011

52 Photos Catch-Up

Between fighting off the stomach bug (unsuccessfully) that has been doing the rounds of the house and fighting with accpac and the servers at work ... the last few days have been busy and frustrating.  Today I made it to the beach this morning and I thought this afternoon I'd take a little time to post my final post for 2011 with a little look at my progress on my 52 photos.

Week 46: Mosaic

This is a mosaic tile The Boy made at school. I put some felt squares on the bottom so we can use it on the table.


Week 47: Thankful

Celebrating 40 years of a wonderful life ... lots to be thankful for.


Week 48: Real

Lucky for the rest of us the real Father Christmas doesn't jump out on unsuspecting passersby brandishing a storm trooper gun. (Alternatively this is real life at our house).


Week 49:


Not long now ...


Week 50: Perspective

We were on the beach when the yachts in the Melbourne to Hobart yacht race sailed through the heads. I know they are much bigger when up close but from this perspective they look way too small to tackle Bass Strait.


Week 51: Joy

He just loves Christmas.


The final week is celebrate and I'll be taking that photo tonight.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve.

Friday, December 23, 2011

December Daily: Day 5

Day 5 the story was all about our advent calendar ... I finally found somewhere to put it up so we wouldn't damage the walls.


Days 3 and 4, days 1 and 2 and credits.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

52 Photos: Nostalgic

Week 45:


We bought this for her first Christmas ... she's 12 now.

A conversation ...

and an unrelated photo ... apart from the fact that it is The Boy in the car. This is at the end of one of his two end of term free clothes days. This is the one with the year 5 fundraising hence the face paint and weird hair.


Anyway ... the conversation ... the kids and I were in the car and a particular song that shall remain nameless came on the radio.

The Boy: That doesn't make sense, he says he's got passion in his pants ... but passion is in your heart.

The rest of us remained silent ... I, for one, was not prepared to go there right now.

And that is why we usually have the dial set to Light FM.

Monday, December 19, 2011

December Daily - Day 3 and 4

Some of my December Daily pages will only be single pages, I'm just going to go with what fits the photos and story that I have. These two are birthday pages ... my families birthday celebration at Moreton's in Rathdowne St ... best bread and butter pudding ever ... and the day I turned 40, with presents and Hubby's family for lunch.


Credits plus day 1 and 2 here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This week's links ...

1. The Little Girl made peppermint milk chocolate chip cookies this week. They were a big hit with everyone.

2. Print and Build Nativity Set ... we won't have time to do this but it is sooo cute (via How About Orange)

3. Homemade Sewing Kit - would make a good present for someone just moved out of home, at least they'll be able to sew a button on.

4. I also made a Mango and Pineapple Cake. I used a fresh mango instead of tinned because I got a tray of mangoes as part of a school fundraising drive. It was very yummy, not too sweet ... although it may be sweeter if you used tinned mango.

Friday, December 16, 2011

52 Photos: Busy

Week 43:

It's all go at our house with a constant stream of workman ... yesterday they poured the driveway.

52 Photos: Busy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

December Daily: Days 1 and 2

Finally I have something to show. I decided to use Ali Edwards 31 Days Overlay Set and Star on Top by One Little bird and Amy Martin Designs. i'll be using these throughout my album. I modified the overlay to produce a facing page and filled the space with a collage of photos.


We have a tradition of putting up the tree on the first but I wasn't sure with the move that it would be happening this year. Luckily Geoff got it from the shed and we squeezed tree trimming between the Big Girl's tennis lesson and the girls school Christmas Carols where the Little Girl was one of the grade 4 soloists. She doesn't get her singing from Hubby or I.


Second day is all about our Jesse Tree readings. The kids have worked out a system now of who gets to do which part of the reading but at the start there were arguments because they all wanted to read.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

52 Photos: Collection

Week 42:

In an effort to reduce the amount of dust and dirt we are a shoes off house at the moment ... today because they were pouring the concrete at the front door the collection of shoes was at the back door.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

This week's links ...

1. Love this framed memories ... tickets, wristbands,  love notes collage framed.

2. Not Just Cute's handmade Christmas list.

3. Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight ... I stayed up late last night watching a bad movie on TV so not sure if I'll make it tonight, especially considering it'd raining at the moment so it's unlikely given the weather we'll see anything.

4. If you've noticed my new format for wrapping up the month and you were interested in doing your own post Julie has written a post on how she pulls together her month in numbers posts.

5. Challenging: When Christmas Gets Radical.

6. Maxabella's Marathon Running Plus Other Stuff ... asking the big questions. Have you found an answer?

7. What's on Your Christmas List.

Friday, December 9, 2011

52 Photos: Calm

My Boy playing calmly, oblivious to the mess of unpacking surrounding him. (week #41)


Thursday, December 8, 2011

52 Photos: Today ...

the first day waking up in our new bedroom. (week #40)


Well it was when I took the photo, but that was two weeks ago now.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

39 Things ... the end.

So I turned 40 on the weekend. The final tally ... 17 things complete. 
  1. Move into our new house.
  2. Buy a dress.
  3. Finish our US photo book. done.
  4. Go with the kids on a bike ride.
  5. Make sundried tomatoesdone
  6. Put together a slide show of our US trip.
  7. Read Bonhoefferdone
  8. Reduce stored files by half - go paperless.
  9. Make glow cones.
  10. Finish my P365-2010 and print.
  11. Ski a black run.
  12. Throw a dinner party.
  13. Make a cupcake stand.
  14. Do Week in the Life.
  15. Sort and backup digital photos.
  16. Go bush walking.
  17. Finish and print 2009 album.
  18. Digitise APS films.
  19. Complete first set of the Riftwar Saga.
  20. Go back to uni.
  21. Make gnocchi.
  22. Read Anne of Green Gables with Little Girl.
  23. Spend an afternoon playing parlour games.
  24. Make a fancy cake.
  25. Read a book with Big Girl.
  26. Make a garland with the kids.
  27. Choose and complete a photo project.
  28. Catch up with school friends.
  29. Go for a night swim.
  30. Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with The Boy.
  31. Make Icecream.
  32. Take the kids to ACMI.
  33. Go out for dinner with Hubby.
  34. Bottle fruit over summer.
  35. Put together the 2010 home video onto DVD.
  36. Play tennis.
  37. Read Jane Eyre.
  38. Make a photo kaleidocycle with the kids.
  39. Do my world map jigsaw that's been in the cupboard for who knows how long.
December Daily is still coming.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The verdict is in ...

No on my weekend today, but I may have some December Daily pages to share soon.

The Little Girl reading her book ...


She says our new house is the best house she's ever lived in ... but she's doesn't like the garden much ...

(We're currently surrounded by a building site.)

The other two made good use of the abundant building material laying around to make their own Beyblade Arena.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

This week's links ...

1. A Beautiful Life

2. I like this printable Christmas tag, a very easy way to dress up plain paper and string.

3. Good gift ideas for boys ... I have a few to buy for this year plus two boys birthdays in December.

Friday, December 2, 2011

November in Numbers

11:39 = The time of the Big Girl's 2nd grade piano exam. They always specify the time down to the minute. We were early though and she got to go in early too. So glad the stress of preparing is over ... she ended up getting a B+ which is pretty good.

2870  = the number of words in my last essay for the semester. 2Chr 35:20-27 ... it was a bit like pulling teeth ... I knew what I wanted to say but the words weren't coming ... and you have to write in full sentences with proper grammar.

4 = the number of events The Boy competed in for the house athletics. 70m sprint, shuttle relay, obstacle course and tunnel ball. All the kids do all the events. His house finished 2nd overall, but in his year they won the tunnel ball and shuttle relay.


3 = the number of times we used the pool. I didn't think we'd get to use the pool at my sister's again before we moved out.


8 = the number of years we've had the pleasure of this one's company.


2 = the number of days the Big Girl missed of school and The Boy missed of school both had colds but caught it two weeks apart.

64 = the number of boxes packed to move house. 26 are currently unpacked. My due date to complete the unpacking so the removalists can have the boxes back is 13th December.


2 = the number of boxes of fruit I've ordered through CERES. I've been waiting for ages for them to get a food host in our area and it finally happened. So far it's going well.


You can join in with your numbers over at Notes on Paper.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

52 Photos: Trail

Week #39 and the prompt was trail. The first thing that popped into my head was the trails round Pt Lonsdale. I loved them as a kids and now my kids do too!