Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week in the Life - The Book

My Week in the life book arrived in October. I took all the photos using the instagram app on my iphone and used blurb instagram books to put it all together. Blurb collects all your photos off your instagram stream and improves the quality for printing. Then I just added the words and time from the photos and I was done. It is a 7inch square book.


A daily selection of the words and photos: Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday and Sunday.


Louise said...

wow I love your book - i've been thinking about one of these each for the children but it would take me forever to learn how to put a digi book together, I really like the idea though.

Thank you for leaving a comment on my christmas journal post I will have to follow you to see how you do your digi decemeber daily!

alexa said...

Oh wow, how lovely is this! Glad it turned out so well ...

Amy said...

It's fantastic Melissa, I love how you get your projects into photobooks so quickly, I am super impressed!

tamara said...

Oh so good. I dont have an iphone but it sure is on my santa list