Friday, November 25, 2011

This is what we woke up to this morning


We moved yesterday plus the Big Girl had her graduation dinner. She looked fantastic. The house is covered in fine dust from all the work happening so I gave her strict instructions not to touch or lean on anything.


She needed a haircut so Nan took her fro a trim and I got them to braid her hair for her. I wasn't quite in the right space to be braiding hair. Her dinner was at 6pm and the removalists didn't get to the new house and start unloading until 5pm.


I'd made sure that her outfit was at the new house early in the morning and we took our hanging clothes across ourselves but I forgot about shoes for myself. I managed to find some pants and a black top so my casual shoes weren't quite as noticeable when we went up at 7pm for drinks and then the speeches. The removalists still had all the boxes to unload plus the kids mattresses ... we left them in the capable hands of the in-laws. After the dancing at the dinner the girls were put in alphabetical order and each girl gave a short speech about the next girl in line. It was really lovely and the also put prep photos of the girls up on the screen.

When we got home we had to scrounge some dinner because we were late to the supper and missed the food, before putting our bed together and hitting the sack.


Amy said...

She looks very elegant and grown up, I hope she had a great time!

Good luck with the dust .. not to mention all the rain today, that won't help a lot! Take your time and enjoy finding new places for all of your belongings.

Amy said...

I forgot .. what have you used for the floors in the kitchen/living area? It looks great!