Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Summer List

So I've dabbled in year long lists and holiday lists and now as it comes close to the end of my 39 Things I've decided not to start a 40 Things but to change to a seasonal list ... with a mix of booked in, must do's and would like to do's in a similar vein to my holiday lists but just over a longer time frame.

Some projects to finish ...
1. P365 photo book
2. US September 2009 slideshow
3. File and backup all photos from 2011
4. My 52 Photos.

Some new ones to start ...
5. December Daily
6. The kids current albums

With the family ...
7. Ski at Whistler
8. Go see some Christmas lights.
9. Complete the readings for our Jesse Tree this year ... I thought we'd missed the start day but I was just confused about the date ... I was running a day ahead.
10. Do at least one other Christmassy thing with the kids.

Yummy things to make ... not your everyday food
 11. Christmas Trifle
12. White Chocolate, Cranberry and Strawberry RockyRoad
13. Ice Magic
14. Fried Ice Cream
15. Baked avocado

Some random stuff ...
16. Turn 40 - if I cross anything off the list it will be this one :)
17. Reduce bread buying to one day per week ... I want to make our own most days.
18. Bottle summer fruits
19. Get a handle on the first part of my new job - EOM
20. Make and drink a big jug of Sangria ... not by myself
21. Try some homemade mosquito repellent
22. Start making my own muesli

With the kids ...
23. Make sponge bombs and use them.
24. Go around the point ... make sure the tide is going out!!

Around the house ...
25. Unpack the boxes
26. Once they're unpacked find something to put in and on the cabinet in our bedroom.
27. Restock the cupboards ... I let them run low prior to moving.

Finish Reading ...
28. Last Orders
29. How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

Start reading ...
30. Why Church Matters
31. The God of Small Things
32. The Secret Scripture
33. The Open Secret
34. Raymond Feist Empire Trilogy

Some other stuff I must do ...
35. US VISAS ... we're transiting in LA on our way to Canada
36. New uniforms for the Big Girl and possibly The Boy
37. School shoes
38. School books
39. Enrol at uni.

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Amy said...

This recipe was passed on to me by my friend Mel, I love it and most other family members really enjoy it - a win win situation!

Now, I had better click on the link to the trifle ... I have a recipe for a raspberry and lemongrass one, it is delicious, Nigella I think?