Friday, November 11, 2011

October by Numbers

Once again inspired by Julie ...

2 = the number of nights the Little Girl spent at camp.


3100 = the number of words in my essay on the old testament's slave release laws.

6-3 = the score of the Big Girl's first ever set of singles in her first ever match of competition tennis.

69 = the number of pieces in our church art show. I reluctantly put in a photo, it's not something I would normally do. It's sitting on our shelf at home now and I love it. So glad I finally got something properly printed and on display ...I just put the label on while I took this photo to remind me when I was brave.


7 = the number of times I travelled the Geelong road in the first week of October. We were staying at Pt. Lonsdale but I travelled up to Melbourne for the Grand Final that Collingwood lost, a special members only family night at the museum to see the Tutankhamen exhibition, to go to class and hand in my essay and then finally home on the Friday.


3 = the number of birthday parties I went to. MIL's 70th, a friend's 40th and my Little Girl's 10th. Plus the Little Girl went to 2 parties and The Boy one.

5 = the number of hours the Big Girl and I spent at Chadstone finding a dress and shoes for her upcoming graduation dinner.

2 = the number of mini chocolate bars shared between the mega group of trick or treating five year olds that rocked up to our door. The conversation:

Me: (opens the door) I'll just see what we've got ...

Mum: Here give them this (holding out a mini Mars Bar)

Me: There's about 12 of them.

The accompanying parent calls out from the door: one thing is fine.

We scrounge the last cherry ripe bar to give to them as well. Luckily no further visitors rocked up ... we literally had nothing else to offer ... we live in Australia not the US!!

13 = the number of plates dished up for dinner on the Monday of the long weekend ... and that was after Hubby had gone back to Melbourne for work.


5 = the number of kilos of strawberries we picked and ate over the weekend ... this was the last of them.


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Julie Kirk said...

Hi Melissa. I think it's great you took the photo of your exhibition entry - good for you!

Thanks for joining in with your numbers again, I've added a link to you in my original post:

Julie :-)