Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's 8!!

 ... my baby is 8? I agreed to walk him into the classroom because it was his birthday ... he's still not that grown up.

He was very excited by the size of his present waiting at his place at the table this morning,


but presents had to wait while we had breakfast. Hubby made the pancake cake. He is officially the pancake maker in the house now. Sing happy birthday, blow out the candles then tuck in.


The present was a hit ...


Him and the Big Girl spent all afternoon putting it together.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy! The resident Eight Year Old here would LOVE to get his hands on that lego!

Tamara said...

Happy birthday for DS. My son too would be very envious of the lego.

alexa said...

How brilliant! Lovely photos ... my son adored lego and it kept us and him in birthday presents for a decade. I still sometimes give him a little one at the age of 30!