Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week's links ...

1. 25 December Daily Photo Ideas.

2. Homemade Dryer Balls - I just throw the clothes in without anything else normally, but if the dryer balls really do cut drying time, maybe they're worth a look?

3. Love this birthday number in photos. Good for the big four-oh?

4. Ultimate DIY gift guide ... this one's a must see, even if just to look in awe at what some clever, crafty people have come up with.

5. Do you need white space? A good piece on clearing out some of the clutter to make space for those more difficult projects. I made use of this tactic this week. I had two big projects, the first packing up some stuff and cleaning the house ready for the real estate agent to take photos and also making a start on my essay. Hubby suggested I do some of my essay on the weekend but I decided to do the house first because then I could devote my whole attention to my essay which requires a lot more concentrated focus.

6. Worth reading, and if you do pop over take the time to read the first comment by Rosemary as well. Beauty Is Objective.

7. Clear your cupboards and let others make use your stuff. Also includes suggestions of where to take your stuff in Melbourne. Donating at Christmas by Planning with Kids.

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