Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week's links ...

1. tiny polaroid magnets

2. snow globes

3. I came back one night from the beach by myself and got in just before dinner, sent Hubby off to the supermarket when he arrived home from work and we had Almost 15min Lasagne. Mine took longer than 15mins and used more ingredients (of course). I added onion, garlic, celery and carrots to the meat sauce. Obviously not a real lasagne but perfect when you've got the craving for the taste but not much time. Yummy.

4. Before we left I made chinese chicken and noodle salad (will make again), whole-wheat chocolate cake (good, but I still like the bad stuff like fat and sugar).

5. Glow Stick Lanterns (via Liz)

6. Stickygrams - they turn your instagrams into magnets (via Kellie)

7. Teens and Social Media

8. Everyday Photos Checklist

9. Making up our Minds - "All parents are socializing their children into their own worldview, whether explicitly or implicitly. "

10. A lovely free digiscrap template by Anita designs.

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