Monday, October 31, 2011

September: My Month in Numbers

I think I have a short attention span and although I love the idea of a monthly round-up I'm a little bit bored with the whole thing. Luckily I happened across Sian's My month in Numbers Post, which was in turn inspired by Julie and so ... just sneaking in before the start of another new month ...

5 = The number of performances and presentations I went to this month. School assembly that the Big Girl compared and the Little Girl sang in. School music concert for the girls. The Little Girl performed in the String Orchestra and Choir plus her year group items and The Big Girl in her year group songs. Dance presentation at school for The Boy, his class had been working on that for this term in some of their PE classes. The end-of-season soccer presentation for The Little Girl and The Boy and finally the kidschurch Lipsync concert involving all three.


10 =  the number of years we've enjoyed the Little Girl in our lives so far.


1500 = number of metres run by the Big Girl ran in the district athletic carnival.

800 = number of metres run by the Little Girl ran in the district athletic carnival.

101 = the number of dollars raised by the kids at their stall to support the worldvision smiles catalogue.


2 = number of eye teeth extracted from the Little Girl in the hope her adult teeth will move into a better position.

1 = number of A's in Preliminary piano exam for the Little Girl.

2 = number of things crossed off the list ... complete the Riftwar Saga (#19) and take the kids to the ACMI (#32). That makes 14/39 ... and only just over one month to go ... oops.



alexa said...

Lots of achievement in these numbers! And a lovely set of photos too.

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Melissa, I'm so pleased you found me - and the idea - through Sian.

Sounds like your big and little people have had a busy month! And that's such a lovely birthday photo.

Thanks for joining in with My Month in Numbers. I'll add a link to this in my original post:

Thanks for playing!

Julie :-)

Louise said...

I joined in too this month. Fantastic post and love all the photos.