Friday, October 7, 2011

The Second Week of the School Holidays

This one turned 10.


We celebrated by going to an animation workshop at the ACMI (#10 on the September holiday list and #32 on 39 Things).


Yumcha in Chinatown


Back to Federation Square to join in the free footy activities for Grand Final week.


A shared birthday party with two of her cousins thanks to Aunty Tiff.


Next morning we checked out progress on the house. They were in the middle of painting so everything is covered in plastic. We have a date for completion now ... Nov 18th.


Then I headed off with the kids to Pt. Lonsdale for our holiday. The weather was foul, but they kept themselves occupied making Captain America costumes. I finally got round to making the Peppermint Icecream Cake (#6). I replaced the toblerone in this recipe with crushed peppermint crisp.


Saturday Hubby, mum and I drove back for the Grand Final (#16) ... it's serious stuff ...


The entertainment was not good but the fireworks were OK.


Pity about the result and the rain ...


Sunday The Boy had a party at MSAC. The sun came out and the Big Girl could finally get out for some lizarding...


before we headed back home to go see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. I loved it, so did the kids but not quite as much as me I think. They had to wait for me at the exit. We followed it up with a stop for dessert on the way home.

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Amy said...

I need to get to the museum before that one finishes, perhaps I might go solo, a few people have said it was a bit dry for the kids???
I'm looking forward to seeing more of your house, we have had serious staircase sanding here over the past week while I was away with the kids .... as for the AFL entertainment, if it was anything like it was on the telly, my sincere condolences! Not for the results though!