Monday, October 17, 2011

The one where we go shopping ...

... the we is the Big Girl and I ... the where is Chadstone and the what is a dress and shoes.

Some of you will be thinking "What fun, a mother/daughter shopping adventure" but ...

  1. I hate shopping.
  2. The Big Girl refuses to where a dress unless it is her school uniform and that is because it is compulsory.

Unfortunately this was one shopping trip that could not be avoided. The Big Girl is in grade six this year which means graduation dinner. The complaining started in the beginning of the year ... "I'm not going to the dinner ... I'm not wearing a dress ... " accompanied by that look that says don't mess with me ... the one she used in grade one when I had to carry her from the car into school.

Things change, not that much, but with the help of some positive talk from the extended family, especially her slightly older cousin, she agreed to go shopping for a dress. I decided Saturday was the day and set aside the whole day to take her to watch her team play some tennis in the morning (it was the first match of her first season of competition and although she was rostered out was keen to go and see what she'd got herself into) then head off midmorning to Chadstone.

Of course she was very happy to have me to herself for the day and she agreed to keep an open mind and try on some dresses. First trip to the dressing room with two dresses and we came out with one possibility. That took the pressure off because we knew we would not be coming home empty handed, but we had committed ourselves to leaving no stone unturned and so we slowly toured every kids store in the complex trying on a total of seven dresses, with a pitstop at the pancake parlour for lunch. Back at the first shop we grabbed the original possibility plus another three black dresses and finally found the one.

Black, uneven hem, floaty pieces of material and straps tied at the shoulders, she looked gorgeous. First part of our mission accomplished, now she needed some shoes. The Big Girl loves shiny things and blue things and so we tried on six pairs of shiny shoes. Included was one sliver pair of clarks sandals which probably would have been more practical but we went with completely frivolous ... you only graduate from year six once.

A sneak peak ...



Amy said...

It sounds as thought Big Girl has done very well for herself! And Mum, you made it through a day of shopping ... not one of my favourite extra curricular activities either.

alexa said...

That's lovely sneak peek ... Looks like you've all done really well to get her ready. :)