Thursday, October 6, 2011

The First Week of the School Holidays

Better late than never. I've been busy with essay writing but I handed in yesterday.The first week of the school holidays sped by.  We started with LIttle girl and The Boy's soccer presentation morning.  Little Girl started club squad. She overlapped with Big Girl for this week but the Big Girl won't be going back next term.


The kids spent a lot of time getting ready for their stall to raise money for the Worldvision Smiles Catalogue.


LIttle Girl had her eye teeth taken out in the nope that her adult teeth will straighten out a little and not grow back into her palate. So Thursday after that she had to take it easy. Thursday night I finished my WITL album and now I just need to wait for it to get printed and sent.

On Friday we went to mainly music and they raised $101 at their stall. They sold their Thomas train set, some dressups, playdough, choc chip cookies and choc chip chocolate muffins. They were very pleased with that.


Hubby was home early tonight when we were having our early tea before heading out to the Lipsync concert at church. This was the conversation.

Big Girl: Are you home early to come and watch us at Lipsync?
Hubby: No, I'm going to the Footy.
Big Girl: That's outrageous!
Hubby: Do you know what is outrageous? Putting the kidschurch concert on the night of a footy final.

The Boy was so excited all day, he had worked really hard with his group, their leaders had videoed them and made a video to play on the screen while they performed, they had special T-shirts that lit up in time to the music and they had requested special lighting ... one of the perks of having leaders that are also on the tech team. The Boy did so well ... I'm not sure where he learnt to hip hop, but it didn't phase him performing in front of over 500 people. His group ended up winning for their division. The girls also performed with their groups although the Big Girl was not quite so enthusiastic.


Saturday Hubby took the kids out to run errands with him so I could have some uninterrupted time working on my essay. Chocolate treats all round.


A nice chunk out the holiday list.

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