Monday, October 31, 2011

September: My Month in Numbers

I think I have a short attention span and although I love the idea of a monthly round-up I'm a little bit bored with the whole thing. Luckily I happened across Sian's My month in Numbers Post, which was in turn inspired by Julie and so ... just sneaking in before the start of another new month ...

5 = The number of performances and presentations I went to this month. School assembly that the Big Girl compared and the Little Girl sang in. School music concert for the girls. The Little Girl performed in the String Orchestra and Choir plus her year group items and The Big Girl in her year group songs. Dance presentation at school for The Boy, his class had been working on that for this term in some of their PE classes. The end-of-season soccer presentation for The Little Girl and The Boy and finally the kidschurch Lipsync concert involving all three.


10 =  the number of years we've enjoyed the Little Girl in our lives so far.


1500 = number of metres run by the Big Girl ran in the district athletic carnival.

800 = number of metres run by the Little Girl ran in the district athletic carnival.

101 = the number of dollars raised by the kids at their stall to support the worldvision smiles catalogue.


2 = number of eye teeth extracted from the Little Girl in the hope her adult teeth will move into a better position.

1 = number of A's in Preliminary piano exam for the Little Girl.

2 = number of things crossed off the list ... complete the Riftwar Saga (#19) and take the kids to the ACMI (#32). That makes 14/39 ... and only just over one month to go ... oops.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week's links ...

1. 25 December Daily Photo Ideas.

2. Homemade Dryer Balls - I just throw the clothes in without anything else normally, but if the dryer balls really do cut drying time, maybe they're worth a look?

3. Love this birthday number in photos. Good for the big four-oh?

4. Ultimate DIY gift guide ... this one's a must see, even if just to look in awe at what some clever, crafty people have come up with.

5. Do you need white space? A good piece on clearing out some of the clutter to make space for those more difficult projects. I made use of this tactic this week. I had two big projects, the first packing up some stuff and cleaning the house ready for the real estate agent to take photos and also making a start on my essay. Hubby suggested I do some of my essay on the weekend but I decided to do the house first because then I could devote my whole attention to my essay which requires a lot more concentrated focus.

6. Worth reading, and if you do pop over take the time to read the first comment by Rosemary as well. Beauty Is Objective.

7. Clear your cupboards and let others make use your stuff. Also includes suggestions of where to take your stuff in Melbourne. Donating at Christmas by Planning with Kids.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The conversation ...

The Big Girl: Can we have a pet dragonfly?

Me: No.

The Big Girl: Can I have a drink of milo?

Me: Yes.

The Big Girl: Can we have a pet dragon?

Me: No.

Follow up with a conversation between the Big Girl and The Boy on the merits of dinosaurs as pets.


Now she's somehow managed to talk The Boy into helping her pack up some of her room ... we'll have to wait and see whether that turns out to be a help or a hindrance.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

This week's links

With 3000 words to write for uni, our house due to be completed next month and our move date booked in for the 24th of November, plus picking up a bit more paid work, posting will be a little sporadic over the next few month, but I do have some links to share.

1. I made zucchini and corn fritters (I added an egg).

2. Love this photo collage.

3. Tying our Hearts to the Right Things

Monday, October 17, 2011

The one where we go shopping ...

... the we is the Big Girl and I ... the where is Chadstone and the what is a dress and shoes.

Some of you will be thinking "What fun, a mother/daughter shopping adventure" but ...

  1. I hate shopping.
  2. The Big Girl refuses to where a dress unless it is her school uniform and that is because it is compulsory.

Unfortunately this was one shopping trip that could not be avoided. The Big Girl is in grade six this year which means graduation dinner. The complaining started in the beginning of the year ... "I'm not going to the dinner ... I'm not wearing a dress ... " accompanied by that look that says don't mess with me ... the one she used in grade one when I had to carry her from the car into school.

Things change, not that much, but with the help of some positive talk from the extended family, especially her slightly older cousin, she agreed to go shopping for a dress. I decided Saturday was the day and set aside the whole day to take her to watch her team play some tennis in the morning (it was the first match of her first season of competition and although she was rostered out was keen to go and see what she'd got herself into) then head off midmorning to Chadstone.

Of course she was very happy to have me to herself for the day and she agreed to keep an open mind and try on some dresses. First trip to the dressing room with two dresses and we came out with one possibility. That took the pressure off because we knew we would not be coming home empty handed, but we had committed ourselves to leaving no stone unturned and so we slowly toured every kids store in the complex trying on a total of seven dresses, with a pitstop at the pancake parlour for lunch. Back at the first shop we grabbed the original possibility plus another three black dresses and finally found the one.

Black, uneven hem, floaty pieces of material and straps tied at the shoulders, she looked gorgeous. First part of our mission accomplished, now she needed some shoes. The Big Girl loves shiny things and blue things and so we tried on six pairs of shiny shoes. Included was one sliver pair of clarks sandals which probably would have been more practical but we went with completely frivolous ... you only graduate from year six once.

A sneak peak ...


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Third Week of the School Holidays

I clocked up some kilometres on the Geelong Rd.

Handed in my essay.

The Little Girl and her cousin (born on the same date 2 years apart) went to lunch with the grandparents to celebrate. I know it was her first taste of chocolate souffle.


The kids filled a day and a half with lizard races, including track building, lizard catching, training and finally the race ... which didn't go quite as planned ... lizards are not that cooperative.


Fish and chips by the river at Barwon Heads.


The kids built of billycart with Granddad.


Walk on the beach.


Celebrated the Little Girl's birthday with a roller skating party.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

This week's links ...

1. tiny polaroid magnets

2. snow globes

3. I came back one night from the beach by myself and got in just before dinner, sent Hubby off to the supermarket when he arrived home from work and we had Almost 15min Lasagne. Mine took longer than 15mins and used more ingredients (of course). I added onion, garlic, celery and carrots to the meat sauce. Obviously not a real lasagne but perfect when you've got the craving for the taste but not much time. Yummy.

4. Before we left I made chinese chicken and noodle salad (will make again), whole-wheat chocolate cake (good, but I still like the bad stuff like fat and sugar).

5. Glow Stick Lanterns (via Liz)

6. Stickygrams - they turn your instagrams into magnets (via Kellie)

7. Teens and Social Media

8. Everyday Photos Checklist

9. Making up our Minds - "All parents are socializing their children into their own worldview, whether explicitly or implicitly. "

10. A lovely free digiscrap template by Anita designs.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Second Week of the School Holidays

This one turned 10.


We celebrated by going to an animation workshop at the ACMI (#10 on the September holiday list and #32 on 39 Things).


Yumcha in Chinatown


Back to Federation Square to join in the free footy activities for Grand Final week.


A shared birthday party with two of her cousins thanks to Aunty Tiff.


Next morning we checked out progress on the house. They were in the middle of painting so everything is covered in plastic. We have a date for completion now ... Nov 18th.


Then I headed off with the kids to Pt. Lonsdale for our holiday. The weather was foul, but they kept themselves occupied making Captain America costumes. I finally got round to making the Peppermint Icecream Cake (#6). I replaced the toblerone in this recipe with crushed peppermint crisp.


Saturday Hubby, mum and I drove back for the Grand Final (#16) ... it's serious stuff ...


The entertainment was not good but the fireworks were OK.


Pity about the result and the rain ...


Sunday The Boy had a party at MSAC. The sun came out and the Big Girl could finally get out for some lizarding...


before we headed back home to go see the Tutankhamun exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. I loved it, so did the kids but not quite as much as me I think. They had to wait for me at the exit. We followed it up with a stop for dessert on the way home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The First Week of the School Holidays

Better late than never. I've been busy with essay writing but I handed in yesterday.The first week of the school holidays sped by.  We started with LIttle girl and The Boy's soccer presentation morning.  Little Girl started club squad. She overlapped with Big Girl for this week but the Big Girl won't be going back next term.


The kids spent a lot of time getting ready for their stall to raise money for the Worldvision Smiles Catalogue.


LIttle Girl had her eye teeth taken out in the nope that her adult teeth will straighten out a little and not grow back into her palate. So Thursday after that she had to take it easy. Thursday night I finished my WITL album and now I just need to wait for it to get printed and sent.

On Friday we went to mainly music and they raised $101 at their stall. They sold their Thomas train set, some dressups, playdough, choc chip cookies and choc chip chocolate muffins. They were very pleased with that.


Hubby was home early tonight when we were having our early tea before heading out to the Lipsync concert at church. This was the conversation.

Big Girl: Are you home early to come and watch us at Lipsync?
Hubby: No, I'm going to the Footy.
Big Girl: That's outrageous!
Hubby: Do you know what is outrageous? Putting the kidschurch concert on the night of a footy final.

The Boy was so excited all day, he had worked really hard with his group, their leaders had videoed them and made a video to play on the screen while they performed, they had special T-shirts that lit up in time to the music and they had requested special lighting ... one of the perks of having leaders that are also on the tech team. The Boy did so well ... I'm not sure where he learnt to hip hop, but it didn't phase him performing in front of over 500 people. His group ended up winning for their division. The girls also performed with their groups although the Big Girl was not quite so enthusiastic.


Saturday Hubby took the kids out to run errands with him so I could have some uninterrupted time working on my essay. Chocolate treats all round.


A nice chunk out the holiday list.