Saturday, September 17, 2011

This week's links ...

1. I meant to share this last week but forgot. Tim Meyer preaching Mission is Everywhere. There's not many times that the preacher gets an applause at the end of the sermon at our church but this one did. Excellent preaching and his use of the bible was awesome. Be warned ... it's 40 mins. (on video if you've got a spare 40mins or podcast if you want to listen while you do something else.)

2. A new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine ... pretty, yum, yums.

3. This made me giggle, scroll down slowly to get the best effect: Well, Well, Well.

4.  Tile Coasters by Amy. I wondered whether it would be possible to do a similar thing using photos instead of paper ... well Pinterest answered that question ... from Donna's Pinterest here's one way.

5. DIY Superhero Fort Kit ... a few little boys I know may be scoring one of these for Christmas.

6. Free printable Aussie Roadtrip Games

7. Make giftbags from newspaper.

8. I made this Chicken Salsa in the slow cooker. Fantastic and a hit with the kids. I added kidney beans ... also I refuse to eat canned soup ... even as an ingredient ... so I used this substitute. If you do this especially if you make your own stock you'll need to add some salt to your dish. Also no bought taco mix for me either. Even with the extra steps it was still dead easy, highly recommended.

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Amy said...

I was thinking of upping the ante to include placemats or trivets of some sort - but, photos - yes, that is a great idea!
I'm off to visit a few more of those sites ... I really love your links each week!

Oh, before I go, thinking about it a bit more, I have noticed that my patterned paper has discoloured slightly after a few days with the gloss enamel coating - might be worth keeping that in mind with your photo choice.