Saturday, September 10, 2011

This week's links

1.  Looking Up - " Can random-man reason his way to the idea that the universe is governed at random? "

2. Stephen Swartz vice-chancellor of Macquarie University on Knowledge Without Wisdom ... video or pdf. Education isn't just about tooling ourselves for a particular profession.

3.  We made these little chocolate yoghurt snack cakes ... they were good.

4. How Stories do their work on us. - the power of story cannot be condensed down to it's moral.

5. A new challenge up on the SAG blog.

6. An online magazine Styled (via How About Orange) Lots of pretty.

7. The Many uses of the Modern Phone (doghouse diaries) ... put your hand up if you haven't used your phone this way ... on second thought, if you haven't don't let me know ... you can let me feel almost normal.

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