Friday, September 16, 2011

A September holiday list ...

I'm deeming our July holiday list a success and so in honour of the kids last day of term today I present the September holiday list.
  1. End of season soccer presentation for The Boy and Little Girl
  2. Make fried icecream
  3. Get the Little Girl's baby eye teeth pulled ... the adult ones are growing back into her palette so this will give them a slight chance of coming forward. (booked for next Thursday)
  4. Take the girls to swim squad ... first sessions of club for the Little girl and last sessions for the Big Girl.
  5. Finish my WITL album
  6. Make a peppermint crisp version of the toblerone ice-cream cake.
  7. Make english muffins
  8. The kids have their Lipsync concert at church.
  9. Make ... and drink some Sangria.
  10. Take the kids to ACMI
  11. Celebrate Little Girl's birthday
  12. Make goyoza
  13. Help the kids run a stall to raise money for the worldvision smiles catalogue.
  14. Go on a bushwalk
  15. Make these apple fritters
  16. I'm sure Hubby will be watching some footy.
  17. Finish my essay for uni.
  18. Complete my piece for the art show.
  19. Pull out some of the craft kits.
  20. Make pink lemonade.
plus lots of tennis playing, beach walking, eating, chatting etc. etc with my sister and her family who are coming back for a holiday from Singapore.


alexa said...

All that in a month? Wow, I am seriously impressed! Had to google the japanese dish, but apple fritters are a staple favourite from my childhood - you'll love them! The teeth-pulling doesn't sound much fun :(.

Tonia said...

oh you MUST make the fritters! who cares if it's not summer anymore :) you will not regret it.