Monday, September 12, 2011

On our weekend ...

No photos today ... I wasn't feeling well on the weekend and didn't feel up to photo taking.

Saturday Hubby took the kids off to tennis lessons ... Little girl and The Boy enjoyed their first one back after soccer finished.

Afternoon Little Girl and The Boy went with Hubby to watch the Magpies win in their preliminary final, they get a week off now. I dropped the Big Girl off at a friends to work on their french project and have a play.

I lost my voice in the evening ... very frustrating ... the kids thought it was hilarious. My mummy finger came out to play but I pretty much let Hubby deal with them. He suggested I should use the Boy's whiteboard.


That would not have worked for when the Big Girl who came home after dinner and didn't realise I'd lost my voice was standing outside the bathroom door while I was trying to have a relaxing bath asking me what to do with her towel. She eventually went away.

Sunday morning before church I finally decided with the help of Hubby what to do for the church 60th anniversary art show. I'm committed now, I've put my form in now will just need to edit my photo and get it printed.

We went to 9am and then stayed for the first part of the 11am service to see our friends dedicate their little boy.

The rest of the day was spent with movie watching by the kids, footy watching by the Hubby and essay writing by me ... the topic: OT slave manumission laws.

Voice it still croaky today but improving.

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Amy said...

Every second person in Melbourne has a similar tale of woe - it is dreadful this year. I hope you make a speedy full recovery, rest up and get some early nights!