Thursday, September 1, 2011

On being the church ...

One thing (among many) that caught my attention while reading Bonhoeffer was Metaxis' description of Bonhoeffer's theology as being largely encompassed by the question "What is the church?. I can't offer an opinion on whether that is an accurate summary as I'm not familiar with Bonhoeffer's writings but it started some thinking on my part and I realised that many of the questions that I find myself preoccupied with fit under a bigger question ... how do we be the church? It's not surprising really because it may be the question that every Christian must find an answer to ... how do I take my part in God's story?

It's not a new question either. Different times, different places, different cultures, for each context the answer will be different but they are all held together by the common identity as follower's of Christ. Some argue that there is one answer, good for all time, good for all people, but I don't buy that. From the beginning to the end of the bible we see people wrestling in their situation and their context with how to be the people of God. Thinking through what God has done and who God is and what that means when applied in their particular context.

It's the question that just keeps on giving, because there is always a new situation, a new context to ask ... in this moment, right here, how do we be the church?

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