Friday, September 9, 2011

Look what arrived ...

in the mail today.


I finished it back in July. Then ordered last month from Viovio.  The only other photo book I've ordered has been from blurb but in square format they only do 12in or 7in and I felt the 7in was a little too small and I didn't want to do a large book of such a short holiday. Viovio does 8.5in square imagewrap hardcover books which I thought was just the right size. I'm very happy with the quality and would recommend them if you are thinking of making your own book.


Amy said...

Melissa your book looks great! I've been on the Viovio site and the pricing also looks very good - so do the sizes. Looking through the templates I could not see if you could use a full page template so you could drop in a digi template - is that what you did, or did you upload using a pdf? Perhaps I am not seeing the wood for the trees, but I find this aspect of photobook making very frustrating!

And, another quick question, do you know if you decide on a 12x12 book, can you drop in a regular 12x12 page and it fits? I always get confused with the bleed sizes etc. Sort of defeats the purpose if you have to go resizing everything - but perhaps that is the reality?

alexa said...

Your book looks absolutely wonderful - such super pictures and a great design too.