Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August Wrap-Up

In August both girls had their athletics sports and they both made the school team (Big Gil in the 1500m and Little Girl in the 800m) the district athletics competition will be in September. Little Girl sat her preliminary piano exam and scored an A, she also had an orthodontic appointment. She will be having her baby eye teeth pulled out in September because her adult eye teeth are growing backwards into her palette. Little Girl also got promoted from the swim school squad to the club squad. She will do one week with the Big Girl before she finishes up club swimming. She's going to pick up competition tennis next term. The Boy presented his poster for the science talent search and Hubby went to China for 10 days. We celebrated some cousins birthdays and completed a technology fast for the 40hr famine.

Next month we have school holidays which I'm really looking forward to ... I'm feeling a bit tired and next term we won't have the activities around dinner time which will make the schedule a little more sane. Apart from those other things I've already mentioned, Little Girl celebrates her birthday in September, my sister is coming out from Singapore to visit and we have a few birthdays in the extended family.  I'm also hoping to get the LIttle Girl's speech assessed. The girls have their school music concert, The Boy and Little Girl have soccer presentations and they are going to have a few tennis lessons before the end of term now that soccer games have finished on Saturday mornings.

Project Progress

Books Read and Progress on 2011 Reading Challenges:

Dublin by Edward Rutherford - Chunkster Challenge 750+ pages  (3/6)
Why God Won't Go Away by Alistair McGrath - Chirstian Non-Fiction Challenge (4/12)
Gilead by Marilynne Robinson Battle of the Prizes American Version (3/3)
Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxis - Christian Non-Fiction  (5/12), Chunkster (5/6)

In September I will be finishing The Last Orders and a book I received to review and I have Fall of Giants reserved at the library.

39 Things -In August I read Bonhoeffern (#7), recorded photos and words for WITL now I just need to finish my book (#14), went out for dinner with Hubby (#33) and made an ice-cream cake for him (#31) (13/39)
In September I will continue working towards  #6,  #10, #14, #17, #19, #22 and #30.

Scrapbook Layouts:

I did four layouts for our 2009 album.


Three pages for our 2011 album.

and I completed two more pages for my P365-2010 photo book.

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