Thursday, September 22, 2011

52 Photos: Happy

Week #34: My son often gets the giggles and all you have do is look at him to get him started again.


Monday, September 19, 2011

On our weekend ...

Between soccer presentations, tennis lessons, dropping kids off at playmates, and lip-sync practises, church, some birthday shopping, my sister for tea and driving round Melbourne looking at people's driveways (don't ask), we also had some time for ...

a game of spit



essay writing


piano practice


and I snuck away and read my book.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This week's links ...

1. I meant to share this last week but forgot. Tim Meyer preaching Mission is Everywhere. There's not many times that the preacher gets an applause at the end of the sermon at our church but this one did. Excellent preaching and his use of the bible was awesome. Be warned ... it's 40 mins. (on video if you've got a spare 40mins or podcast if you want to listen while you do something else.)

2. A new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine ... pretty, yum, yums.

3. This made me giggle, scroll down slowly to get the best effect: Well, Well, Well.

4.  Tile Coasters by Amy. I wondered whether it would be possible to do a similar thing using photos instead of paper ... well Pinterest answered that question ... from Donna's Pinterest here's one way.

5. DIY Superhero Fort Kit ... a few little boys I know may be scoring one of these for Christmas.

6. Free printable Aussie Roadtrip Games

7. Make giftbags from newspaper.

8. I made this Chicken Salsa in the slow cooker. Fantastic and a hit with the kids. I added kidney beans ... also I refuse to eat canned soup ... even as an ingredient ... so I used this substitute. If you do this especially if you make your own stock you'll need to add some salt to your dish. Also no bought taco mix for me either. Even with the extra steps it was still dead easy, highly recommended.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A September holiday list ...

I'm deeming our July holiday list a success and so in honour of the kids last day of term today I present the September holiday list.
  1. End of season soccer presentation for The Boy and Little Girl
  2. Make fried icecream
  3. Get the Little Girl's baby eye teeth pulled ... the adult ones are growing back into her palette so this will give them a slight chance of coming forward. (booked for next Thursday)
  4. Take the girls to swim squad ... first sessions of club for the Little girl and last sessions for the Big Girl.
  5. Finish my WITL album
  6. Make a peppermint crisp version of the toblerone ice-cream cake.
  7. Make english muffins
  8. The kids have their Lipsync concert at church.
  9. Make ... and drink some Sangria.
  10. Take the kids to ACMI
  11. Celebrate Little Girl's birthday
  12. Make goyoza
  13. Help the kids run a stall to raise money for the worldvision smiles catalogue.
  14. Go on a bushwalk
  15. Make these apple fritters
  16. I'm sure Hubby will be watching some footy.
  17. Finish my essay for uni.
  18. Complete my piece for the art show.
  19. Pull out some of the craft kits.
  20. Make pink lemonade.
plus lots of tennis playing, beach walking, eating, chatting etc. etc with my sister and her family who are coming back for a holiday from Singapore.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Darkness at Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist

A Darkness at Sethanon (The Riftwar Saga, #4)A Darkness at Sethanon by Raymond E. Feist

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Darkness at Sethanon is the third and final book in The Riftwar Saga. It details how Murmandamus, a new prince of the Dark Brotherhood, marshals the forces of the Moredhel and invades the kingdom, with the intent of finding the Lifestone, a powerful relic with which he will be able to destroy every living thing in the world, so as to resurrect the Valheru Lords of old. Only Pug and Tomas can stop this new evil, thereby ending the Riftwar - Amazon Books

I read Magician, the first book in the series, last year and enjoyed it so I decided to make finishing the series # 19 on the list. I was a little disappointed with book #2 in the series and so was unsure what to expect from this but I enjoyed this one as much and maybe more than the first. It helped that Pug and Thomas were back in centre stage for more of the story this time. The pace was fast and the adventures were exciting. A great end to this series.

Monday, September 12, 2011

On our weekend ...

No photos today ... I wasn't feeling well on the weekend and didn't feel up to photo taking.

Saturday Hubby took the kids off to tennis lessons ... Little girl and The Boy enjoyed their first one back after soccer finished.

Afternoon Little Girl and The Boy went with Hubby to watch the Magpies win in their preliminary final, they get a week off now. I dropped the Big Girl off at a friends to work on their french project and have a play.

I lost my voice in the evening ... very frustrating ... the kids thought it was hilarious. My mummy finger came out to play but I pretty much let Hubby deal with them. He suggested I should use the Boy's whiteboard.


That would not have worked for when the Big Girl who came home after dinner and didn't realise I'd lost my voice was standing outside the bathroom door while I was trying to have a relaxing bath asking me what to do with her towel. She eventually went away.

Sunday morning before church I finally decided with the help of Hubby what to do for the church 60th anniversary art show. I'm committed now, I've put my form in now will just need to edit my photo and get it printed.

We went to 9am and then stayed for the first part of the 11am service to see our friends dedicate their little boy.

The rest of the day was spent with movie watching by the kids, footy watching by the Hubby and essay writing by me ... the topic: OT slave manumission laws.

Voice it still croaky today but improving.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This week's links

1.  Looking Up - " Can random-man reason his way to the idea that the universe is governed at random? "

2. Stephen Swartz vice-chancellor of Macquarie University on Knowledge Without Wisdom ... video or pdf. Education isn't just about tooling ourselves for a particular profession.

3.  We made these little chocolate yoghurt snack cakes ... they were good.

4. How Stories do their work on us. - the power of story cannot be condensed down to it's moral.

5. A new challenge up on the SAG blog.

6. An online magazine Styled (via How About Orange) Lots of pretty.

7. The Many uses of the Modern Phone (doghouse diaries) ... put your hand up if you haven't used your phone this way ... on second thought, if you haven't don't let me know ... you can let me feel almost normal.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Look what arrived ...

in the mail today.


I finished it back in July. Then ordered last month from Viovio.  The only other photo book I've ordered has been from blurb but in square format they only do 12in or 7in and I felt the 7in was a little too small and I didn't want to do a large book of such a short holiday. Viovio does 8.5in square imagewrap hardcover books which I thought was just the right size. I'm very happy with the quality and would recommend them if you are thinking of making your own book.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August Wrap-Up

In August both girls had their athletics sports and they both made the school team (Big Gil in the 1500m and Little Girl in the 800m) the district athletics competition will be in September. Little Girl sat her preliminary piano exam and scored an A, she also had an orthodontic appointment. She will be having her baby eye teeth pulled out in September because her adult eye teeth are growing backwards into her palette. Little Girl also got promoted from the swim school squad to the club squad. She will do one week with the Big Girl before she finishes up club swimming. She's going to pick up competition tennis next term. The Boy presented his poster for the science talent search and Hubby went to China for 10 days. We celebrated some cousins birthdays and completed a technology fast for the 40hr famine.

Next month we have school holidays which I'm really looking forward to ... I'm feeling a bit tired and next term we won't have the activities around dinner time which will make the schedule a little more sane. Apart from those other things I've already mentioned, Little Girl celebrates her birthday in September, my sister is coming out from Singapore to visit and we have a few birthdays in the extended family.  I'm also hoping to get the LIttle Girl's speech assessed. The girls have their school music concert, The Boy and Little Girl have soccer presentations and they are going to have a few tennis lessons before the end of term now that soccer games have finished on Saturday mornings.

Project Progress

Books Read and Progress on 2011 Reading Challenges:

Dublin by Edward Rutherford - Chunkster Challenge 750+ pages  (3/6)
Why God Won't Go Away by Alistair McGrath - Chirstian Non-Fiction Challenge (4/12)
Gilead by Marilynne Robinson Battle of the Prizes American Version (3/3)
Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxis - Christian Non-Fiction  (5/12), Chunkster (5/6)

In September I will be finishing The Last Orders and a book I received to review and I have Fall of Giants reserved at the library.

39 Things -In August I read Bonhoeffern (#7), recorded photos and words for WITL now I just need to finish my book (#14), went out for dinner with Hubby (#33) and made an ice-cream cake for him (#31) (13/39)
In September I will continue working towards  #6,  #10, #14, #17, #19, #22 and #30.

Scrapbook Layouts:

I did four layouts for our 2009 album.


Three pages for our 2011 album.

and I completed two more pages for my P365-2010 photo book.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Piano Exam

Little Girl had her piano exam a two Fridays ago. She was scheduled for 2:02pm. We arrived early and she went into the room a little early too. I settled down to wait, checking some emails, and had only managed to look at a couple before she appeared. It was 2:05pm ... I'm presuming she started the exam a little early. She was quite happy with how she went.


She got back her results and she got an A (Pass with Honours). We were very happy but I cautioned her to not get too cocky ... she needs to do some practise for her violin exam next term.

Monday, September 5, 2011

On our weekend ...

Hubby took The Boy to the footy ... their team lost by 97 points. The Boy was given a wristband in case he got misplaced, his seat number was written on it.


Saturday morning The Boy and Little girl had their last soccer match. The Big Girl had a tennis lesson then I took her to get a new sport uniform for school ... Little Girl needs the old one. When we got home Hubby suggested we pop back to the soccer club for the end of season sausage sizzle, just one problem, by the time we got there they were packing up, but we ran some errands then went back home for a late lunch.

Afternoon and the Big Girl wanted me to play her playstation lego Harry Potter game then we all went to the park for some athletics training followed by a kick of the ball.


The kids went to stay the night at Hubby's parents while we did our monthly turn at Dinner tonite then went to a friend's 40th birthday party.

Morning came and it was Father's day but there were no children in the house. Picked them up for church, then when we got back they set up a treasure hunt for Hubby to find his presents, which he did.


Lunch with Hubby's family.


Then my sister was coming over for tea and my parents got back from up north so we had an impromptu semi-family Father's day celebration over dinner.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This week's links

1. September 365 Inspiration ... so I'm not doing the P365 this year but I'm bookmarking these as just general photo prompts.

2. Looking for Eternity? ... "Where, then, is the gap through which eternity streams?"

3. Lessons for street photography but the tips would be useful in other areas also.

4. My filing system is a mess at the moment and it's on my list of things to fix so I've bookmarked this Ultimate Guide.

5. Simply Tiffany's latest free digiscrap template.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Conversation this Afternoon


The Little Girl was dressed in a costume she wore for an act she did in assembly this afternoon when we pulled up at the shops and I asked if she was hopping out of the car.

Little Girl: What if people look at me?

The Boy: Well, they'll just be reminded of your beauty.

Me: Awwh ... that's such a lovely thing to say about your sister.

The Boy: Can I have a dollar?

Me: No!!

The Boy: Fifty cents? ... twenty cents ... five cents ...

Me: *frown*

The Boy: Hey? What? Five cents is the smallest coin you can get.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

On being the church ...

One thing (among many) that caught my attention while reading Bonhoeffer was Metaxis' description of Bonhoeffer's theology as being largely encompassed by the question "What is the church?. I can't offer an opinion on whether that is an accurate summary as I'm not familiar with Bonhoeffer's writings but it started some thinking on my part and I realised that many of the questions that I find myself preoccupied with fit under a bigger question ... how do we be the church? It's not surprising really because it may be the question that every Christian must find an answer to ... how do I take my part in God's story?

It's not a new question either. Different times, different places, different cultures, for each context the answer will be different but they are all held together by the common identity as follower's of Christ. Some argue that there is one answer, good for all time, good for all people, but I don't buy that. From the beginning to the end of the bible we see people wrestling in their situation and their context with how to be the people of God. Thinking through what God has done and who God is and what that means when applied in their particular context.

It's the question that just keeps on giving, because there is always a new situation, a new context to ask ... in this moment, right here, how do we be the church?