Friday, August 5, 2011

WITL Wednesday and Thursday

A selection of photos from Wednesday:

My creation

1. It will be good to have a functioning dryer back before the rain comes again.  2. Choosing a reader.  3. Car park on the eastern freeway.  4. First class of semester. Intro to the Hebrew bible.  5. At mum and dad's looking after their admin, the view from my "office".  6. Running into piano lessons ... he's keen  7. I feel like i'm living in my car. Had afternoon tea, now i'm reading my book and she's playing DS while we wait for The Boy.  8. The reader.  9. The drill: swim with a cup on her forehead.  10. He's swimming now.  11. She's diving now.  12. Bread ready, now it's time for bed.

and from Thursday:

My creation

1. Not an early bird.  2. Big Girl: "Can you pack my swimming bag for me?" Me: "No" Her: "Why not? You're not doing anything today" For future reference, not the best way to get someone to do something for you.  3. The colourist: "It's been a while" Me: "I know"  4. Picked up more coffee beans ... would hate to wake up one morning and find we've run out.  5. Noooo!! The dreaded dHE error again.  6. Cooking chille con carne.  7. Piano practice.  8. The younger kids soccer practice was cancelled so I convinced her to do squad today instead of tomorrow before the forecast cold front comes through tomorrow. Best to take advantage of the warmest start to August on record.  9. She's still cold after, but 19 degrees is better than 12 degrees.  10. Filled up.  11. Nachos, the kids second favourite dinner.  12. I remember doing my homework on the floor too, but it's time for bed now.

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