Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WITL Monday and Tuesday

I started my week in the life on Monday. I've been using instagram to take photos and record some journaling. Here is a small selection of what I captured on Monday:

My creation

1. Get the right lunch in the right lunchbox. They're not happy when I make a mistake; 2. Grab your bag and shoes we're going NOW!; 3. A day for using the clothesline, it's a welcome change; 4. Orthodontic checkup; 5. She needs X-rays and since it was only 15mins from Armadale to Albert Park and she was already out of school anyway we decided to get them done now; 6. Driving ... ; 7. Restock the cupboards; 8. some of the washing didn't quite dry ... he's helping his mother; 9. That's the plan; 10. disclosing tablets. Recommended by the dentist as an aid to teaching the kids how to clean their teeth; 11. Home from a parenting talk at the girls school; 12. Piano lessons (this one's out of order).

From Tuesday:

My creation

1. On my bench this morning; 2. Dinner's on. come back in 8 hrs; 3. Tennis time; 4. Choosing carpet; 5. Small group prep while waiting in the car at school pickup; 6. Anytime is cereal time round here; 7. After school sport finished; 8. Using up some excess energy; 9. Little Girl: Oh, look at the sky, it's beautiful. I'm looking puzzled. Little Girl: *sigh* look out the other side. 10. Little Girl's swim squad. 11. The reader; 12. Peach buckle ready for small group to start.

I've been uploading 20-30 photos per day so far and that seems to be giving me a good overview of each day.

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alexa said...

This is a great peek into your days - love the instagram effect and the brief titles say loads!