Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WITL: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

From Friday:

My creation

1. Hubby was here (broke the door right off and gave me a huge fright at 6:30 in the morning) 2. Morning drop off. 3. The smell of coffee. 4. I checked the radar and it looked like there wasn't going to be rain. 5. Welcome to mainly music. 6. Wave those scarves around. 7. They let me do the AV ... 8. and make coffee. 9. Yay, my towels dried outside. 10. Watching. 11. Get into that chicken. 12. Finally Hubby's birthday cake ... toblerone ice cream cake.

My creation

1. U9 soccer match. 2. LIttle Girl and The Boy are in the same team. 3. Meanwhile the Big Girl has a tennis lesson. 4. Midday movie and popcorn. 5. Violin practice. 6. I see the bottom of the ironing basket. 7. Dropping the kids off at his parents. 8. A lilt birthday shopping. 9. Before Harry Potter. 10. We went 3D. 11. Yummy dinner at Monk and Me. 12. Finally finished.

My creation

1. Put the stock on before we go to church. 2. It's jeans day at kids church. 3. The approach. 4. Wrapping presents. 5. They've put locks on the doors now so we can't get in. 6. First go over the floor is done. 7. Nice thick layer of mud all round the building. 8. Can't wait for them to render the front as well. 9. Unwrapping presents. 10. The Boy loves the excitement of present time. 11. Making soup for tea. Auntie Janine is over. 12. No photo, I got slack and only took 11 photos for the day.

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Amy said...

So disappointed you only ended up with 11 on Sunday ... ;-)
How are you planning to put it together?