Saturday, August 27, 2011

This week's links ...

1. Something funny to start off with ... yes ... eat everything on your plate.

2. What we had for dinner last night: Rustic Vegemite Beef and Aussie Ale Pie

3. Week in the Life has finished and I'm in the process of putting my book together. Here's more inspiration on capturing life: Capturing a Day in Photos.

4. Musing on the things of God ... words and photos (warning autoplay music)

5. Printable Foldable Paper Star Wars Toy Figures

6. Cereal Box Marble Run

7. Friendship Bracelet Kit

8. Photography Bucket List

9. Just Let God be God
"You can’t put God on a leash and make him do tricks for you. He is not on your side! God is on God’s side. You and I are welcome to join him on his terms. But don’t suppose that God is some sort of pit-bull you can put on a lead to help you get your way. "

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Amy said...

I seem to have got stuck at What Katie Ate ... that is a sensational blog .. what a pity she is on hiatus, though, considering I have just found her I have plenty to look through!
In a recent post she recommends St Ali down in South Melbourne - if you get the chance, give them a try, I love it there ... and I am not a coffee drinker!