Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week's links ...

1. Gluttony, Justice and Grace - gluttony isn't just about eating too much.

2. Who are the poor? What is poverty? ... Wrestling with Poverty in the US (Part 1). Much of this is applicable in an Aussie context.

3. Is Life Worth It? ... suffering ... and goodness.

4.  An activity to remember for when summer rolls around. Chalk Checkers.

5. Back to School Photo Checklist - make a change from our standard first day of school photos ... although I think I forgot the girl's this year.

6. Another one for summer ... Homemade Mosquito Repellent. Will keep this handy for when we move back to the house and enjoy our alfresco area.

8. This week I made these BBQ Lemon and Chilli Wings  served with Asian Slaw. Both recipes were really good, especially the slaw. For the slaw I just used a packet of the finely shredded coleslaw from the supermarket, chopped up a red pepper, the coriander and the peanuts. I made the dressing as described in the recipe.

9. Little Girl made these White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins. Really easy and they were really moist. Will definitely make them again and would like to try using other flavours.

10. How to turn from hopeless to hero in 5mins:  On Wednesday I found myself making lunches without having anything to offer the kids for their snack ... I felt bad as it was the second time this week. I remembered seeing these instructions for microwave popcorn. Worked a charm, although it took double the time that the recipe said ... and the staples were no problem in the microwave.

11. How to Clean Your Knifeblock. We've had our knifeblock for quite a few years ... maybe I should do this?

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Amy said...

Melissa, I really enjoy your links each Saturday, you have such a great mix from the thought provoking to the practical to the absolutely delicious!
Vietnamese Coleslaw is one of my favourite dishes, so, any take on an Asian Slaw is something I am going to have to try! I think I need to clean my knife block too, though, I am wondering if the high pressure cleaner is a bit too severe?!