Friday, August 19, 2011

Tech Fast

Last week I posted the layout form 2009 when we did our tech fast for the 40hr famine and it's that time of the year again. Starting tonight we will be going tech free, with no computers, TV or handheld games (Big Girl will probably be exempt and allowed to use the computer for her project ... she's already had one extension). The Boy is also taking a fast from talking ... with the Big Girl at swimming it's been pretty quiet in the house this afternoon. Anyway, for that reason there will be no links tomorrow. In the meantime I thought I'd show you a new kit from Donna - Summer Escape.

Here's a layout I did using it using some photos from Pt Lonsdale in 2009.


Until Monday then.

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alexa said...

Good luck with it as a family, and hope you enjoy the stillness of it all. This is a very pretty page, and such a fresh and cool kit.