Monday, August 22, 2011

On our weekend ...

 but I'm going to start the story a bit earlier on Friday night. I promised you I wouldn't stop boring you with what we are eating and these were yummy. Leftover pork braised in milk and apple cider slaw on a light brioche hamburger bun ... writing that is making me hungry. I did cheat on the coleslaw and bought a packet of finely shredded coleslaw.


The Boy continued his talking fast ...


That's: my tongue is pushing my tooth out.

Morning came and we were in the middle of our technology fast. An early drop off for the Big Girl at the in-laws before heading to Knox for the two youngest to play soccer.



The Boy's tooth fell out during the game and I saw him in the middle of the field holding it clearly unsure what he should do so I called him over. He slowly came until I told him to hurry up ... the game was still going on around him while he mucked around. He put it in my jacket pocket and then I noticed he had no mouthguard ... it was in his bag. With his mouthguard in I pushed him back onto the field.

Here he is later showing off his gap.


Three clowns about to make spiders ...


Followed by a walk to the park ... Little girl stayed home ... she was in the groove with her project ... yes, she likes homework.


He arrived back from China at 10:30pm.


After church and lunch we hit the park for some training for the Little Girl and tried to tire them out.


Followed by homemade lemonade.


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Amy said...

Did he not talk all weekend? If so, apart from the 40hr Famine .. what was the motivation? I would have appreciated less 'talk' myself this past weekend!