Monday, August 15, 2011

On Our Weekend ...

Saturday morning was a nice early start with the Little Girl playing soccer at Healesville at 9am. Luckily, considering there's one of me and I had three kids needing to be in three different places, another parent had offered to drive a group of the kids up there. So she was dropped off at 7:30am at the home ground (about 10mins away at that time of morning)

Next was dropping Big Girl off at Hubby's parents on our way to MLC for the Science Talent Search judging starting at 9am. The Boy had managed to meet the criteria. We got there about 10mins prior and there were already about 30 in line before us. We got a ticket and sat down to wait. When they called his name he lined up with ten other kids then they disappeared up the stairs to face the judges alone.


Meanwhile I waited nervously at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him to reappear. He has an expressive language disorder that makes this kind of thing quite difficult so I was very relieved to see him come down the stairs all smiles, declaring that "It was good" and proudly waving his assessment sheet.

We got out of there at 9:30am and headed back to the tennis club to relieve Grandpa from babysitting duties. The Big Girl finished tennis and I dropped her off at a friends house for the day, we spent 10mins at home then headed out to pick up the Little Girl. They'd lost 7-4 plus they had to borrow some of the opposition players because they didn't have enough players themselves but that didn't seem to diminish the enjoyment level. When I got there she was happily holding a frill-knecked lizard and was pleased to let me know she scored a goal ... for the other team. THe dad who also helps coach declared that she had been best on ground with up to four opposition players marking her.

The Boy has been very success full in stopping his finger sucking so the three of us went out for lunch as a combination reward and celebration. I'm so proud of the way his going with this.

Sunday was space day at kids church.


Little Girl and The Boy won prizes for their costumes. Afterwards we went to visit a friend who is housebound after an operation on her foot. The kids had a good time playing with her cat while we were there.

It was a gorgeous day and the kids were rather energetic in the afternoon so we walked down to the park.

My creation

Home, my littlest sis came for dinner, bringing yummy chocolate mousse with her.

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Amy said...

I had a crazy Saturday too, and it involved science - but not at MLC.
Noticing your current reading list, have you finished Dublin? I have read a few of his, they are not too bad - I enjoyed the Russian one.