Friday, August 19, 2011

Interhouse Athletics Carnival

The girls had their athletics sports on Monday which also double as their trials for the school athletics team. Little Girl won the U10 800m so it looks like she'll be competing in the district athletic competition.


The results:

Little Girl:

  • 800m - 1st
  • 100m - 2nd
  • 200m - 2nd
  • 100m hurdles - 3rd
  • Grade 4 Shuttle Relay - 3rd
  • Grade 4 4X100m circular relay - 1st
Big Girl:
  • 1500m - 5th
  • 800m - 8th
  • 100m - 7th
  • 200m -  6th
  • 100m Hurdles - 4th
  • Grade 6 Shuttle Relay - 1st
  • Grade 6 4X100m Circular Relay - 1st
All the girls participate in the field events so it's quite a busy day, although you wouldn't know it be the way they run around and jump up and down the steps between events ... is it even possible to tire these kids out?

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