Thursday, August 4, 2011

52 Photos: Body

The prompt for week #26 was body which was kind of a hard prompt. We have small group on Tuesday night and I asked for prayer for my Wednesday morning ... I may have been having a little bit of a freak out. The washing machine service people had run to say they were going to be there at 7:30am to fix the washer/dryer and I need to leave by 7:45am to get Little Girl to choir on time otherwise she gets a cross against her name ... three crosses for the term and you're out. Hubby couldn't help because he had to leave for the dentist at 7:40am. After that drop off I still had The Boy to drop at his school and then I needed to get into Whitley by 9:30am for my first class of the semester.

7:15am on Wednesday morning Hubby answers the phone ... it's one of our group members offering to come around and take the kids to school. He jumped at the offer and she came and took the girls to school. That's the body of Christ in action.

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