Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wisdom from the Little Girl


The Boy was following Hubby around the house alternating chatting and whining when Hubby starts heading to the toilet.

LittleGirl: You don't want to follow him in there ... unless you want to experience an horrific smell.


Little Girl and I were out for a walk and I pointed out a particularly large house as we walked past.

Little Girl: Wow, that's huge. The people who bought that must have lots of money ... well they would have before they bought that house.


The weather has been ... shall we say ... pretty horrific here with high winds, rain, cold. We haven't let that stop us.  We're working through our holiday list. Yesterday we stopped at a park on our way between errands and I put the kids out to run around. Let's just say that they really needed it ... I told them to take their time ... 2hrs later the car door opens and 3 red faced, muddy kids climb back in the car. We just had enough time to call into the pasta shop before it closed, but no more errands got done.

They just really needed to run ...

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Amy said...

Gosh, you did well, mine were confined all day yesterday - despite my best intentions. We were out and about a lot but each time there was a window of opportunity to play or run around, it started to rain.