Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week In the Life

If you haven't heard of Ali Edwards WITL project where have you been? This project has been on my list but I decided I just couldn't fit it in this week, with getting back from the snow and the pile of washing that amassed due to Hubby's trip and the weekend away, a broken clothes dryer and a head just not in the right space, so I've decided to do it next week instead.

Remember how I linked to the blurb instagram books? The plan is to take the photos using instagram, record a comment at the same time and then get a phonebook made. Should be pretty easy. Plus the bonus of doing it next week ... I get to check out what everyone else is doing and incorporate their good ideas.


Jo.A said...

Hey Melissa, Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. I'm loving reading your blog, especially your recipes...YUM! I'm intrigued by the instagram book that you will make and can't wait to see it. I think week in the life is great as you can do it at any time, or as many times as you like.
jo xo

alexa said...

Looking forward to seeing your instagram book ... There will always be other years for A Week in The Life - or other weeks. :)