Saturday, July 23, 2011

This week's links

1. Blurb is now making instagram books. I'm planning on making one ... soon ... will fill in details next week.

2. If you're confused about what NIV stands for check out the photo in this post. Should we laugh or cry?

3. Are your hands full of good things? Motherhood is a calling.

5. The Angrybirds Boardgame.

6. Tips for reading those boring genealogies ... and avoid dozing off mid-page.

7. Clearing up some common misunderstandings of the cosmological argument.

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Amy said...

Melissa, your links each week provide such variety and extremely interesting reading. I particularly enjoyed the one about Motherhood and how to approach geneology texts - I can appreciate the ideas far more now than what I did during my final years of high school when I studied Genesis.