Monday, July 4, 2011

On our weekend ...

On the way back from tennis with Big Girl on Saturday morning we stopped at the house. Hubby just happened to be there, dropping past on his way home from soccer with the others. The house was locked up on Friday.


They finally got the front window in without breaking it ... third time's a charm.

Third times a charm

We went to the NGV on Saturday for the showing of Big Girl's painting (#1 on the holiday list). She took part in a special program run by the gallery.


Hubby took the two youngest to the footy so the Big Girl and I had the afternoon to ourselves. We got the jigsaw out (#14) and worked on it together.

Last push

Then we went to the library but it wasn't open yet, the supermarket and church to help make up packages for women trafficked into Melbourne but the organiser didn't turn up so we went back to the library (#20).

More browsing

The Big Girl made chocolate pudding while I cleaned the fridge (#31) and chatted to littlest sis before making pizzas.

Fridge Clean

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