Monday, July 11, 2011

On our weekend ... and beyond

Hubby had a list of jobs to do before he flew out Sunday morning so he got to work on them Saturday morning. One of them was a trip to look at carpet for the new house. We picked some possibilities so that's good. Late afternoon we all sat down to play Big Girl's Monopoly: The Stars and Constellations edition. I went bankrupt early ... Big Girl won the day. (#17 on the holiday list)


Hubby left Sunday morning before we all woke up. We spent all morning at church, I got chatting after the service. Then Big Girl went to a friends for a play and dinner and Little girl went to her friend's for a sleepover.

Today the kids were a bit rough and ready ... lots of bickering and raucous play. Not that you'd know by this photo ... they'd stopped fighting for an instance and decided to use one of the craft kits from the cupboard to make lip balm. Unfortunately since it was last opened the flavour/colour tubes had solidified.


I guess that's kind of a start on #19. If you look in the photo you'll see that #10 (clean up the desk) still needs some attention.

The Big Girl put on her happy face ...


and all three kids made a chocolate cake ...


after they fought and there were tears about how they were going to decorate it.

I'm wondering what will come first ... the end of the school holidays ... or crazy mummy.

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