Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meet Thin Air

The Boy was practising his shots in the living room before heading off to tennis clinic.

The Boy: Yay, I won!! (fist pump)

Big Girl: Who are you playing against ... Mr. Nobody?

The Boy: No it's not Mr Nobody. This is Thin Air.


Yesterday we took a trip to the Queen Victoria Market with my dad. Picked up some meat, fish and green groceries and the mandatory jam donuts.

Queen Victoria Market

I dropped dad and the kids off in the city then went to uni and enrolled before heading back to mum and dad's to print invoices and statements for some of their properties. When dad came back with the kids, they each had a top but dad said he understood why I try to avoid shopping with the kids.


Amy said...

Well, I hope he does well against Mr Thin Air!

cate said...

I feel grandad's pain!