Friday, July 15, 2011

Layouts, layouts, layouts.

Lots of layouts completed this week. First my layout for challenge #4 on the SAG blog. It was a colour challenge which coincidentally matched the red, white and blue of this month's theme challenge at mscraps so this layout is doing double duty.


I also did a layout for the July camera corner challenge at oscraps featuring street photography.


I also did 21 pages for the Singapore album this week to finish it (#28 on the holiday list). I kept it pretty basic, using a plain white background and Tiffany Tillman's Modern Master Template Collection.

You can also see them all here.


Emma said...

I love all your layouts. The one for the colour challenge is that strip of patterend paper. Thanks for taking part!

Diane said...

Yep the pattern strip is cute as. What brand? Will pop back with a coffee and check out your Singapore album...looks great. And have a good look at the oscraps what you have done there. Thanks for joining in

nicole s said...

Wow, extreme coolness all over here. Love the challenge layout - love it all!

Amy said...

Melissa, all your layouts look fantastic!
How do you do what you have done with the display of the Singapore album? It is amazingly effective!

Hey, we have sun here now - hope you do too!

sharon said...

all brilliant! love the subtle touches of the red and the blue, very clever!

Tiffany said...

I absolutely love what you've done with your album! The photos really shine on each page too. Thank you for sharing your album with me! ~ Tiffany