Friday, July 1, 2011

First day of school holidays ...

although it doesn't feel like it because activities are still running so this morning I had mainly music and The Boy and Little Girl came and helped. This afternoon The Boy will have speech and the girls swimming squad. Big Girl spent the night at a friends last night but she's home now.

The holidays can tend to pass so quickly and pretty soon we're at the end of the holidays and we've frittered away all that time. I'm not totally averse to some frittering but the terms are so busy it would be a shame not to take advantage of no school to do some of those more time consuming fun things and also get things in order before the next term starts. With that in mind, I'm making a list.

The July holiday list:

Some things that are already scheduled:

1. Art showing of Big Girl's piece at the NGV 
2. Tennis clinic for the kids - first day finished
3. Little Girl going to friends for a sleepover
4. Big Girl going to friends for two night sleepover party
5. OT home visit for The Boy
6. Speech session for The Boy

Some stuff we need to do:

6. Go to the uniform shop to get Big Girl a new spray jacket - they didn't have one so we need to go to their other shop
7. Go to the other uniform shop to get The Boy new tracksuit pants
8. Apply for a passport for The Big Girl - photos taken, forms started, forms complete now waiting on Hubby to sign.
9. Change my enrolment at uni
10. Get girls uniforms dry cleaned - dropped off

Would be good to do:

10. Clean up the desk
11. Clean up the laundry
12. Kids give their rooms a thorough clean - Big Girl's done, other two started.

Would be fun to do:

13. Have a friend over for each of the kids - organised for big Girl and Little Girl
14. Finish the world map puzzle - on the table
15. Go to our friends farm - replaced with trip to Queen Victoria market
16. Day trip skiing - won't be happening (Hubby's going to China)
17. Play Big Girl's Monopoly game she made
18. Go to the pool
19. Pull some of the craft kits out of the cupboard - lipbalm used
20. Go to the library - been with Big Girl, will take the others
21. Visit 3 different parks - one down, two down

Would be fun to make:

22. Churros
23. Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread - rising as I write
24. Egg Rolls
25. English muffins
26. Falafels and Pita Bread
27. A photo kaleidoscope 

Things I'd like to do:

28. Finish the Singapore album
29. Finish the 4 books in my currently reading list
30. Start the US slideshow

OK, this may be optimistic but I guess we'll see.

Edited to add: 31. Clean out the fridge (it's not good)

and again:
32. Take the kids to the bank
33. Choose light fittings - went and looked today, want to take mum to look
34. Relook at kids job charts (they're not working as well now our schedule has changed) - started
35. Work on The Boy's finger sucking - off to a good start

and again:

36. Get The Boy's haircut

the last couple?
37. Get The Boy a new fiddle toy for next term
38. Help the Big Girl learn the Harry Potter theme on piano - started


Amy said...

We drew up our list on Thursday night - sort of like their holiday wish list ... with a few added inclusions from me - such a pity last week's weather won't be this week's though!

Diane said...

Dratts...always forget to do this. Am going to type up a list now to fill in for next week!