Thursday, June 9, 2011

You've been officially awesome ...

for 12 years ...

well that's what her card says. No, really, I saw the card and just had to get it. The Big Girl and I have our moments, let's just say we have quite different outlooks on life which can cause friction and frustration, but that's what makes life interesting. It's definitely a challenge to me to work out how I can help her become everything that she is meant to be, not what I think she should be. So here are some of the special, unique things about My Big Girl.
  • her fascination with wildlife with extends to reptiles, insects.
  • the way she excitedly came home from the planetarium eager to share her new knowledge of planets and stars. Including getting up at 6:30am to look for the planets.
  • her quick forgiveness when I mess up. 
  • her concern for her friends.
  • her plaits, she says she's going to keep them when she moves up to high school.
  • the array of trinkets decorating the space over her bed.
  • the way she stands up to her peers to do the right thing.
  • that she still asks for my advice.
We had the traditional presents and pancake cake in the morning. She had also made cupcakes to take to school for her friends. I had a fail, the camera battery ran out, so pictures are courtesy of the Little Girl.


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