Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On our Long Weekend ...

... we shopped for a watch for the 12y.o. birthday present, sheets to replace the ones I put my hand through Friday night, clothes so The Boy doesn't look like we're living in the back of our car. I found a cute top that has a shirt collar and tail sewn in to the jumper ... looks like a shirt but I don't have to iron a proper shirt. Pancakes for lunch.

The girls lunch

Picked up the skis and got the kids sizes checked. We just need to pick up a bigger set of skis for The Boy, he's not quite big enough for the ones Little Girl used last year.

Amazing hair day at church.


Crazy ball day at home.


Clean and tidy.




Play battleship.


Pizza night.


Introduce my friend to Pinterest


The Boy and Hubby went to the footy on Monday. I stayed home with the girls. Little Girl and I finished our Singapore slideshow, the Big Girl worked on a school presentation.


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Amy said...

Do we really live in the same city? Big Girl has a t-shirt on? Well, we were away for the long weekend and I did notice as we drove back that it was sunnier here than where we were!