Wednesday, June 29, 2011


About a month ago The Boy asked me if he could walk to school. We live a 10min drive away so I started to explain that it was too far to walk. He said no, he wanted to walk from the car himself. So we started the first few days with me walking him from the car to the crossing then he crossed the road and walked into class by himself. After a few days a this he said he wanted to walk from the car by himself so I said ok, as long as the crossing lady was working. So now we drive past the crossing and if the lady is there he is allowed to walk by himself from the car.


Everyone's happy? Not quite. Next The Boy asks to catch public transport to school. Sorry but I draw the line there. The Boy has always had trouble understanding that his age puts limits on some of the things he can do ... he was found standing on High St in Kew with a couple of mates when he was 5 years old waiting to catch a tram home.


Amy said...

Hmm, yes, we have been dealing with these questions as well, and we live too far away for a 'walk the whole way' experience too ... Mr 8 truly believes that it is no problem to just scooter or bike the whole way there! At least he is confident enough to approach PT himself, albeit when he was 5!

cate said...

high street, kew was busy 20-something years ago when I went to school in the area, I can't imagine what it's like now!

I've just had to organise putting my big girl on a bus from warwick back to brisbane (3hrs) and part of me knows she'll be fine (unaccompanied minor forms, and point to point collection), but part of me is worrying about her, and she's not even on the bus yet!