Saturday, June 18, 2011

Don't laugh ...

I've been let loose on an unsuspecting readership ... guest posting at Notes to Allan today. I would love it if you popped over for a read.

If, after checking that out, you're after some (more?) internet goodness here are a few links.

1. A Predictable Life? - not what we're here for.

2. And continuing the theme: The Bride of Christ Becomes a Stepford Wife.
"Maybe we need to understand that the Bride is not there to make our individual dreams come true, but to teach us patience and self discipline."
3. Maxabella The Messy Charade  - straight talking as usual. I like it.

4. If you like photos and stories and getting them down and into albums without too much fuss then you should check out Simple Aussie Girls.

LInking with Saturday Stumbles


Kristen said...

Love the straight talk about our clean homes! Thanks for sharing!

Staci said...

Thanks for linking up! Very thought provoking links!!

Maxabella said...

Hey it's me! Thanks for the love, Melissa. I'll pop over to visit your guest post. x