Monday, June 13, 2011

April and May WrapUps

We have had two crazy months, hence the lack of an April roundup. Here's what we did:

The Boy: Finished his science poster which has been selected to be presented in August at the competition, had interhouse cross country, went on an excursion to IMAX, went to a friend's birthday party

Little Girl: Competed in the Boroondara Eisteddfod for choir and string ensemble, they made the finals for the choir section which meant we were back on the Sunday, came 5th in her interhouse cross country, then represented her school in the district cross country, participated in a GATEWAYS session, was selected for a especial design class, got her pen license, started swimming twice a week from 6-7pm (I think this has been more difficult for me than her)

Big Girl: went on camp to Canberra, looked after the stick insects, selected to participate in an art program with the national gallery, came 15th in her interhouse cross county, went on an excursion to the Planetarium.

Hubby: spent 10 days in China, went to quite a few Collingwood footy matches

Me: Handed in 2 essays and got back one, missed small group leaders training with a cold, went with mum to see Dr Zhivago.

Some of us: Hubby and I went to 2 birthday parties, the kids and I went to the dentist, Little Girl and I went to Singapore, Hubby, Big Girl and The Boy went to Pt. Lonsdale over Easter, The Boy and Little Girl started playing soccer on Saturdays mornings.

All of us: still helping once a month at dinner tonite, Hubby's family came to our place for lunch to celebrate some birthdays, went out to Bellevedere for lunch to celebrate a late Mother's with my family.

Project Progress

1000 Gifts: I have canned this because we are keeping a 1000 gifts journal as family.

Books Read and Progress on 2011 Reading Challenges:

Let the Great world Spin   #3 What's in a Name (2/6), Blogger's Choice Take a Chance #3 (3/10), National for American Battle of the Prizes (1/3), Book Awards V National (1/5)
39 Things (7/39)

I finished the US album (#3)
Made sundried tomatoes using the huge crop of cherry tomatoes from our monster bush. (#5)
52 Recipes

I added 8 new recipes.  Should be up to #43


Apart from finishing the US album I only did one page using Donna Duncombe's new kit - My Mother's Arms.


This month:
  • I need to change my enrolment for my course.
  • Get the Big Girl a new passport.

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