Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last weekend, pineapple fried rice and other things

I know, I'm slow, we are almost halfway through this weekend after all.

Anyway Saturday morning ... hubby and young ones go to soccer (7-0 loss which is an improvement on the previous week)
I take Big Girl to tennis lessons.
Afternoon has hubby working, me ironing while helping The Boy with his poster for the science competition and the girls doing ... I have no idea.
Hubby home late afternoon just in time to help stick the poster together.

Little Girl and I make Pineapple Fried Rice

Inspired by my trip to Singapore and my first ever pineapple fried rice. The dish was a success and no I did not carve out the pineapple to serve it in.

Boy balancing spoon.

Early morning rustle of mother's day present wrapping


followed by croissants and present opening.


Home to make two salads to take to lunch with hubby's family.
Get to lunch, find out Hubby didn't tell me it is also BYO meat.
Eat. Talk. Get Full.
Go home.
Play bejewelled for 4 hours with Hubby providing pancakes for dinner.


Go to bed.

Monday the girls had their cross country. This one came 5th. She'll be heading off to districts in a couple of weeks.


The Big Girl has made the districts the last two years but wasn't keen this year. Ended 15th so missed out. Let's just say there wasn't a lot of disappointment for her.

I also had a lovely night out at Dr Zhivago on Wednesday. It's good to get out and do something different for a change although the weather driving was awful. It took me an hour to get to the city and find a park near mum and dad's.

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Amy said...

Hasn't the weather been absolutely terrible! I'm going to Dr Zhivago next week - it should be good!