Thursday, April 21, 2011

We've arrived

I know i've been quiet lately. I was a bit snowed under with getting the first essay for my course finished. It was harder to go back than I thought. I just don't have the same hand anything in attitude so I may have rewritten a few times. I also had to get a bit of reading done for my next essay which is due the week after I get back to Melbourne. Little Girl helped me with turning our huge crop of cherry tomatoes into roasted tomatoes (#5 on the list)


We got to Singapore safely. The three of us got upgraded to premium economy which was pretty fine. We also got into the Qantas Club before our flight. The perks of travelling with the littlest sis. The niece and Little Girl have spent the morning drawing but we're going out soon for dumplings. I have a little break though because Annie is braiding the Little Girl's hair. The nephew has gone to school. Little Girl was great on the flight and enjoyed the hot chips and nachos in the Qantas Club before.


Got to go now, the hair's done and looking beautiful.

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