Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Back, Dinner Guests and House Guests

The Big Girl was away on camp at Canberra this week, she got home last night. Hubby picked her up and when she got home she ran straight into the kitchen and hugged me for ages ... which almost made me cry ... but she had a wonderful time. She came bearing gifts. Some for herself ...


Some for us ...



It's good to have her home.


Meet Piggy ...


He goes most places with the Little girl at the moment. Here he is getting dressed up.


The other night Little girl was helping me cook dinner. She leaned over the frying pan and said with a wry smile "Piggy wouldn't want to come for dinner tonight ... we're eating pork"


It was the last day of term today. We have some guests staying with us over the holidays.


Stick Insects from the Big Girl's classroom. Her teacher said not to worry if they die because they've had a long life already in stick insect terms ... I don't want to take an empty cage back to school hopefully they'll hang on for at least another three weeks.

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