Monday, April 11, 2011

On our weekend ...

I went to class while they tidied their rooms. We had lunch. Went shopping for birthday presents, bumped into friends and visited trampoline. In the afternoon the kids watched Bolt, Hubby did work and I did research. Then we went to a 70th birthday party. My parents looked after the kids.

Sunday morning is church. We didn't stay for a coffee afterwards because we needed to come home and tidy the house. They let the stick insects out for a walk.


Before the hoards Hubby's family came for a birthday lunch. It was moved to our place from the park because of the dismal weather. We had an easter egg hunt.


And some dessert.


Next up was my littlest sis's turn +1. We chatted while the kids darted round the corner shooting with the nerf gun. Little Girl hit +1 in the head ... by accident of course. We had dinner then the Big Girl talked my littlest sis into holding the stick insects. She did OK until it started crawling up her arm. She moved pretty quick then.


Sent the kids to bed. Then watched Modern Family and NCIS.

Good bye then bed.

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